How much does a personalized Fingerprint tree guestbook cost?

Prices start at $24au for a digital print-yourself version.


How do I customise my fingerprint tree with my information?

When you order your fingerprint tree, please enter your personalization details in ‘Notes to seller’ Information depends on the occasion but can include, date, place, names, etc


What do I do once I have my print?

Once you have printed or received your fingerprint tree and you are ready to start collecting ‘leaves’, we recommend having it set up on a table or easel with the inks nearby and an instruction sheet to guide your guests. Even better is having a person in charge of collecting guests prints to ensure everyone signs and decorates the memento.


How do I stamp the perfect leaf?

Try to instruct you guests to gently rub the stamp pad across their finger tip rather than squishing their finger into the stamp pad, this way the ink stays on top of their fingerprint rather than filling the fingerprint grooves. This gives a cleaner impression. Encourage the use of index fingers rather than thumbs.


How long does it take for you to customize and post my fingerprint tree?

I will email a proof or the digital file within 48 hours or 2 working days.


Where do you ship from?

Perth Western Australia


How long does shipping take?

We ship from Australia. Standard shipping within Australia is up to 6 working days and international shipping is up to 10 working days.


How do you ship the print?

A4 prints are shipped glad in a rigid mailer. Larger prints are shipped in mailing tubes. Bothe are protected in plastic sleeves.


Do you offer express postage?

We only offer express shipping within Australia as international express postage usually costs more than the print! If you are in a super rush, we recommend ordering a digital file.For express post within Australia, visit this listing: express post


What sizes do the prints come in?

A4 (210x297mm) A3 (297x420) and A2 (420x594)


How many fingerprints can I place on the branches?

Original white background prints

A4=80 small prints


The white background trees can have as many prints as can be squeezed on. If the branches look a little sparse, they can be filled in with extra prints.

Coloured background trees

A4=55 small prints



How many proofs do I get?

You get 2 free proofs within which you may make as many changes to as you wish. If you require any further proofs, they will be charged at $25 per proof. This does not include errors made by Mini Ink


What paper do you print on?

I print onto textured paper with a 10% cotton content. If you are printing yourself, a thicker paper is best, with a matt finish, and one that will go through your printer as well as allow the ink from the fingerprints to dry relatively quickly.


What kind of pencil/pen should I get my guests to write on the print with?

I use felt tip pens and pencils but it is best to test them first.


What kind of stamp pad inks do you supply?

I use dye based and pigment based inks.

Dye based inks dry faster, leave a better print but are more difficult to wipe the color off your fingertip.Pigment based inks are wetter, and easily wipe off your finger but smudge easier.


Where can I get my own inks from?

Any craft or scrapbooking store.


Can I order extra stamp pads?

Yes, the listing for extra stamp pads HERE: extra stamp pad - Only available when ordering the print+ inks options.


What color do your stamp pads come in?

Our stamp pads are available in 2 shades of pink, 2 shades of green, silver/grey & gold.


Can I personalise the quote/text?

Yes, just make your request clear in your ‘Notes to seller’ upon check out.


Can I change the icon/illustration?

Yes, there are 20 icons to choose from, to make a selection, click on the drop down menu above the green ‘Add to cart’ icon


What if I am unhappy with the final product?

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy with the product, we will do what we can to make it right. Please let us know so we can improve in any way in the future.


Do you design anything else?

Davina also owns and operates Mini Ink Kids and Baby Photo cards -, and Fluid Ink Fine Letterpress of Australia -


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Please email us with any other questions :-) see our contacts page.